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Red Velvet…The Outcome

on January 21, 2011

Following the Joy of Baking’s recipe was rather simple for a complete made from scratch cake. The cake didn’t rise as much as I had hoped, I think perhaps next time I will try to fold in an egg foam instead of the baking soda and vinegar mixture to lighten it up. However the amazing frosting more that made up for the thin layers of cake. If you are ever looking for a exceptional and traditional cream cheese frosting, this one was the best. The cake was a hit and my sister-in-law even said it was one of the best birthday cakes she had ever had, and to not tell my Mother-In-Law she said that!

Splitting the Layers


You can see that the layers didn’t really rise enough, but splitting them and adding this great frosting helped a lot.

All Layered Up

After splitting and adding a generous amount of frosting in between the layers, the cake ended up with a good height.

Crumb Coated

Here it is all crumb coated (just a very light layer of frosting and filling in all the cracks) and ready to chill for a while before final frosting and decorating. This step really helps the frosting go on easier and makes sure there are no crumbs on your spatula while frosting. I usually let the cake chill in the fridge or on the cold porch in the winter months for an hour or two.


More Finished

I have no skills what so ever when it comes to actually decorating. Just some red sugar crystals and a little spatula work. I think it turned out okay.

I’ll Have a Slice

This cake really did turn out great I would really recommend the Joy of Baking’s recipe, if you have a Red Velvet Cake recipe you love use the Joy of Baking’s frosting recipe, you will not regret it. I did end up having to use almost a batch and a half. I think you could get away with one batch if your layers rose more than mine.


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