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Kopper Top…West Side

on February 16, 2011

Kopper Top

638 Stocking Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
(616) 459-2001

I took a couple Kopper Top first timers with me, I wanted to see their reaction to the over the top decorations, and get an unbiased opinion on the food. We visited just before Valentines Day and the decorations did not disappoint. Pink Hearts and creepy cartoon cupids looking at you from every direction. If you haven’t been to the Kopper Top before, they are know for a couple of things. A Polish heavy menu, good food and holiday decor that makes Clark Griswold look like Ebenezer Scrooge. Pretty Awesome.

Like I said the menu is pretty Polish heavy, they have sausage plates, perogies and few other Polish specialties. They all so offer a lot of American fare and even a Shepard’s Pie. Being that we were there for lunch nobody really got past the sandwich and burger section of the menu, which was fine. Good Burger selection, quite a few to choose from with a bunch of different toppings and Grand Rapids centric names. The service was not bad, I am not going to say it was great either, it was just service. Friendly enough but way to long in between drink refills. I should state that I do drink water like a fish, I will easily drink 5-6 glasses of water at a time, so my hydration pace maybe rather demanding for some.

The food made its way out, the table had ordered the usual lunch suspects, 2 burgers with home made chips and cole slaw and the Cuban Sandwich with ‘Mojo’ and onion rings.

The Burgers

Word round the red meat eatin’ side of the table said the burgers were very good. Cooked just right, plump, juicy and full of flavor. It was even mentioned several times that this was no ‘Gordon Food Service’ burger, this was a hand prepared patty with high quality meat. The toppings were good, classic and served on a rather tasty bun. The burgers are paired with home made potato chips. One half of the table loved them and the other half didn’t really care for them. I thought they were rather good, so I guess two against one makes the chips a winner.

The Cuban

Now I love Cuban food, if it is on the menu I am going to order it, every time, and I am usually disappointed. Cuban flavors are hard to get right. Melding the influence of Spanish, African and Asian cuisine that happens in most Cuban dishes is a difficult balance. However the Kopper Top got it right with their version of the classic Cuban. In between two slices of grilled flat bread lies layers of super tender and flavorful slow roasted pork, shaved ham, cheese and perfect little pickles. Then there is the ‘mojo’ sauce, the oh so delicious mojo sauce, served on the side for you to dip this glorious sandwich in. I swear, if they served this with a straw, my water wouldn’t be the only think at the table requiring constant refills. Mojo is kind of a Cuban marinade or BBQ sauce, its like a garlic/cumin vinaigrette with a big citrus punch to the tongue, and the Kopper Top nails it. This is a great example of Cuban done right!

Overall the Kopper Top is a must for anybody in or around Grand Rapids, at least once. Don’t let is unassuming exterior throw you off, once inside ALL of your senses will thank you, and you will be back!

*Disclaimer, I was in no way compensated or comped for this review*


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