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Brick Road Pizza Co…Quality with Quantity

on February 24, 2011


With the ever increasing popularity of offering some kind of all you can eat pizza buffet for lunch at area GR restaurants, it is getting harder to stand out from the crowd. Brick Road Pizza Co’s inability to blend in with the crowd, makes it a stand out option for all those looking for a quick pizza fix for lunch.

1017 Wealthy Street
Grand Rapids, Michigan
(616) 719-2409

Now if the promise of an all you can eat pizza, salad, breadsticks and more buffet isn’t enough to get you in the door, then keep walking. For those of you still interested, buckle up its gonna be a tasty ride.

Brick Road’s interior is an eclectic mix of colors and textures, there is always great music playing, probably the best lunch music rotation around. Everything from Bob Marley to Marvin Gaye, and not ‘Lets Get it On’ Marvin Gaye, more like ‘Inner City Blues’ Marvin Gaye. Wait staff is always friendly and seems genuinely happy to be working at such a great pizza joint. There always seems to be some kind of staff wide discussion going on that they really do not try to hide. Almost as if there inviting you to be part of the fun. I think it was Jelly Doughnuts this time!


Now the buffet…your first impression is that it is going to be just like every other pizza buffet you have been to, and it is set up just like ever other pizza buffet you have been to. Salad, Soup, Breadsticks, Pizza and Dessert, but that is where the similarities stop.

No slimy ice burg lettuce here, the salad offered is a fresh spring mix, with a nice selection of toppings, including banana peppers! They only offer two dressings, but you don’t need to go any further then the toasted sesame seed dressing, it is crazy delicious. Don’t worry Mr. Hidden Valley McAmerican, they offer ranch too. There is also this pasta salad, I am pretty sure the secret ingredient is Afghani diacetylmorphine. Its this mustard, dill and pasta concoction that will keep you coming back for more and more and more. Yeah you get it. I think I would give up an appendage for the recipe, or maybe I will jut ask nicely and see what happens.


Now the star of the show is the Pizza and Breadsticks. The breadsticks are a tricky mistress, if they are over cooked they are still fabulous but nothing you couldn’t get at any other pizza buffet. However if they are perfectly cooked they are this utterly doughy, seasoned, fluffy explosion of goodness, mixed with Brick Road’s own sauce, it is a perfectly acceptable replacement for Peanut Butter and Jelly.







The dough used for the pizza is the same as the breadsticks. They use a locally brewed beer in there dough and they can also make a Gluten-Free crust if thats your thing. Now this is where Brick Road really starts to pull away and set its self apart from all the other slice smorgasbords in town. The quality…yeah its that simple. The quality of cheese, sauce and toppings is superior to most if not all pizza’s in town. You won’t find garlic powder here,  but you will find whole cloves of roasted garlic. If there is a veggie on your pizza of choice, it is going to be fresh and flavorful, not some steamed up veggie mush that a lot of places try and pass off. The onions are big and still a little crunchy, the broccoli is a deep dark green with a bit of a snap to it. The way veggies should be. The meat is also very high quality and always tastes great. However if meat is not your thing, the vegan offerings are also very delicious, everything from soy cheese to fakin’ bacon, it is all equally delightful. I mentioned the sauce earlier, but feel that it needs a second mention, on this visit my two year old was licking it straight out of the ramekin, ’nuff said.

As if all this wasn’t enough, they offer fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, usually warm right out of the oven. I will warn you in advance, if you see some left on the plate it is probably in your best interest to just take them regardless of  where you are in your buffet adventures. They go fast! It is not out of the ordinary to see even the most reserved eater come back from the buffet line with two leafs of lettuce and four chocolate chip cookies.

If you are looking to mix up your lunch routine, or maybe a pizza buffet is already part of your regular rotation, but you have grown tired of cheap mozzarella on cardboard, get to Brick Road. Eat good pizza, create an unhealthy addiction to pasta salad, try some vegan stuff, see what it is all about.


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One response to “Brick Road Pizza Co…Quality with Quantity

  1. Mrs. Reservations says:

    Also check out the Sunday brunch buffett! Incredibly delicious & creative, lots of vegan/vegetarian choices. Those delectable chocolate chip cookies are vegan too! And all this coming from a carnivore.

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