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Sandy’s Doughnuts…You’ve been warned.

on March 23, 2011

All right Grand Rapids, consider yourself warned for not telling me about Sandy’s Donuts, thats one. Don’t let it happen again.

Sandy’s Donuts
2040 Leonard Street Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-3828
(616) 453-4259

How did I seriously not know about this place. Old School Donut at its best. I am a frequent visitor to some of the other area shops, but the Sandy’s Donuts experience it completely new to me, and I loved it. It had a kind of Stan Mikita’s thing going on minis Ed O’Neill as Glen, and the giant hockey player on the roof and the crazy drive thru..okay so it is nothing like Stan Mikita’s but wouldn’t that be sweet.

I took my two year old here for a mid morning snack on a recent rainy day. She was immediately drawn to the pink and purple sprinkles. She exclaimed at the top of her lungs that it was her favorite and she had to have it. Now usually I would ask her  not to yell, but to use her inside voice instead, but truth is I wanted to yell too. It was like a donut wonderland of awesomeness.

We took home a Pink and Purple Sprinkle, and Apple Fritter and a Creme Long John. You will notice the Creme Long John is missing from the photos as I am guilty of DUI-D, thats right, Driving Under the Influence of Donuts. Hi my name is Some Reservations and I have a problem.

The donuts were all extremely tasty and Sandy’s has catapulted its self to a ‘Best Doughnut in GR’ contender after only one visit. Now of course I will have to visit there many more times to be sure, lets call it research, it sounds better if I call it research…right?

The Long John was perfectly fluffy, with a excellent frosting and just the right sweetness to the creme, not all gritty and sugary like some places. Some places go so sweet it almost hurts your teeth. This cream was smooth and velvety, something that you would find stuffed in a cream puff or on a dessert plate at a fancy restaurant.

The fritter was also as close to perfect as you can get. Crunchy on the outside, nice and doughy on the inside. The cinnamon to apple to sugar ratio was spot on, each bite tasted just as flavorful as any other bite. Not like a bad fritter where there are only one or two good bites, and the rest is just filler, not at Sandy’s. Sandy’s doesn’t discriminate when it comes to spreading the flavor around.

I can not give a proper opinion of the Sprinkle Doughnut as the two year old in our house claimed it as her own. That is a battle you do not want to be part of. But I can tell you she said it was, “mmmm really really good.”

If you need donuts for the office or a meeting, or just want to treat yourself to something great. Make the trip out to Sandy’s, and give it a try.

So Grand Rapids or anybody else reading, who makes your favorite donut, and how often do you treat yourself?

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2 responses to “Sandy’s Doughnuts…You’ve been warned.

  1. Sara Lowe says:

    Um, that’s why I have found some extra lbs since working at St. Ann’s which is directly across the street from Sandy’s we have her treats regularyly. I also enjoy the “culture” of Sandy’s…the mature men sitting around drinking coffee, shooting the breeze. Sorry I never told you:)

  2. Tara Lafferty says:

    Yes, Sandy’s Donuts is the best. We missed them when we moved away, and once again we miss them. The cinnamon rolls are fabulous as well. Glad you found them. Don’t expect anything on Sunday morning though, their closed.

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