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Fat Burrito…Well Deserved

on April 3, 2011

The Fat Burrito

3013 W Shore Dr
Holland, MI 49424

(616) 399-9500

Finding a good burrito is like finding a dollar bill in your pocket, its cool for a minute then you realize its just a dollar. Finding a GREAT burrito is like finding Steve Job’s Amex Black Card in your pocket with an attached note saying you can use it for whatever. A much more rare occurrence, and one you wished happened more often. Well Steve fire up the Amex online banking site and prepare to make some payments, because I just found your card in my pocket, and it was at Fat Burrito in Holland.

There are some components to making a great burrito, a fresh tortilla, well prepared and fresh toppings and good meat and beans. All of these components are flawlessly executed at Fat Burrito. The menu is a perfect menu for a burrito/taco place, efficient and right to the point. They don’t try to get to crazy with ingredients or dishes, they do a few things and the do them very well. It is also a great bank for your buck, with most monster sized burritos under $10.

I had heard a lot of great things going into this place and was excited to give it a try, we ordered some Chips and Salsa to start with. Good fresh chips, not to salty and still had a tiny bit of oil on them, just the way I like them. Good salsa, they brought a bowl of fresh salsa and a bottle of hot and a bottle of Salsa Verde. The fresh was bright and just a tiny bit of heat and lots of fresh flavors, just as you would expect a bowl of fresh Salsa to be.



Now on to the burritos. You can order them dry or wet, we all went with the wet option, who doesn’t love a bunch of sauce and cheese melted on top.  At the table we had a Chicken Fajita Burrito, and Steak Burrito and an El Famoso Shanahan, a mix of Chicken, Steak and beans.

The Chicken Fajita was honestly on of the best burritos I have ever had, and trust me I have eaten a lot of Burritos. It was just bursting with flavor, there were so many good things going on with this burrito. The Chicken was perfect, moist, so flavorful a little smokey and had just a little kick. The veggies were perfectly sauteed and fresh, still a little crunch to them. Then there was the rice, a little sticky, packed with flavor and not to much of it, they didn’t pack it in there as filler like most places do. They just put enough in to contrast with everything else going on. I have to say it again, one of the best burritos I have ever had.


I personally didn’t try the other two burritos, as I do not  dabble in red meat, but the consensus  was that they were also awesome. My dad got the steak burrito and spent most of the time trying to pin down the spices used, one of the cooks came by and told him to give up. Saying there use over 20 spices and herbs to get the flavor just right.



The service was great and very friendly, every one seemed like they were happy to be there, and were even playing jokes with each other and the customers. A very laid back atmosphere and a great place to have a meal. They even have a Macho Burrito Challenge, if you can eat the the MACHO in under 12 minutes, you get your money back. Good Luck!

The Fat Burrito has instantly propelled it self to the top of the Burrito list in my book. I will be driving back to Holland when ever the burrito urge hits. Perhaps starting a petition to get one in Grand Rapids is in order. If you are ever on the West Coast and need a place to eat, get to The Fat Burrito. I can not say enough good things about this place. Seriously Delicious.

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One response to “Fat Burrito…Well Deserved

  1. Hillarie Parrott says:

    Fat Burrito is the bomb. Their dry burritos are equally if not more awesome than their wet burritos and they have the best steak ever.

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