Some Reservations


Did somebody say pizza…

on July 22, 2011

Well I know I have been away for far to long, and have failed on my promise of ice cream and keeping up on the blog. And you know what, I am completely cool with that. I have been busy, very busy and it has all been food related.

A few months back a friend of mine ordered this UFO looking mobile wood fired pizza oven. We were casually joking that we should turn it into a business, and see what happens. Well folks, be careful what you joke about, because it might just come true.

Food Blogging world I give you Standard Pizza Co.

Standard Pizza Co, is a whole new spin on wood fired pizza, literally a spin. Our oven rotates 360 degrees and is on freakin’ wheels. That’s right, let it sink in, we can bring wood fired pizza to you. Not just any wood fired pizza, handcrafted artisan wood fired pizza. Honestly folks, we have been perfecting our high hydration dough for months. Learning how to turn out a high hydration crust could be a Bachelors Degree at any college, this pizza is serious business.Please take a look at our website, and like us on Facebook and if you are in the Western Michigan Area, please come out and try our pizza. We are very dedicated to quality and freshness in our ingredients, and it shows in our pizza.


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