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Did somebody say pizza…

Well I know I have been away for far to long, and have failed on my promise of ice cream and keeping up on the blog. And you know what, I am completely cool with that. I have been busy, very busy and it has all been food related.

A few months back a friend of mine ordered this UFO looking mobile wood fired pizza oven. We were casually joking that we should turn it into a business, and see what happens. Well folks, be careful what you joke about, because it might just come true.

Food Blogging world I give you Standard Pizza Co.

Standard Pizza Co, is a whole new spin on wood fired pizza, literally a spin. Our oven rotates 360 degrees and is on freakin’ wheels. That’s right, let it sink in, we can bring wood fired pizza to you. Not just any wood fired pizza, handcrafted artisan wood fired pizza. Honestly folks, we have been perfecting our high hydration dough for months. Learning how to turn out a high hydration crust could be a Bachelors Degree at any college, this pizza is serious business.Please take a look at our website, and like us on Facebook and if you are in the Western Michigan Area, please come out and try our pizza. We are very dedicated to quality and freshness in our ingredients, and it shows in our pizza.

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Cookie Monday…Cashew Dream

So yet again, Cookie Monday happens on a Tuesday. Things have been a little crazy here in Some Reservations land lately, but I will not bore you with all the personal junk nobody wants to hear about anyways. Just know that I am trying to make a serious effort to post more often about more stuff. Keep an eye on the blog, and keep reading!

Due to the constant craziness, I don’t really even have a properly stocked pantry, while rooting for ingredients yesterday to put something together, I found I was out of flour, that immediately narrowed down the possibilities. What I did have was some left over coconut from last weeks episode as well as a can of sweetened condensed milk. So the obvious ensued. Eagle Brand Dream bars.

The Recipe is on the Can of condensed milk, and it couldn’t be easier, I took the liberty of making a few changes, but nothing crazy.


2 Cups Graham Cracker Crumbs

1 Stick Melted Butter

1/4 Cup Sugar

1 14oz. Bag of Coconut

1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk

5oz. Cashew Pieces

12oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Take the cracker crumbs, butter and sugar and put them all in a 9 x 13 pan. Give it a good mix and press it down to form a crust in the bottom of the pan. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes

While that is baking take the milk, coconut and cashews and mix them all together in a bowl. Once the crust has been in for 10 minutes, pull it out and and spread the coconut mixture over the top. Bake for another 10 minutes.

Once that come out of the oven, you know have this amazing smelling mixture of coconut, sweet milk and graham, it really is amazing that this is so simple.

While it is still hot, just dump the bag of chocolate chips on them and spread around to melt. They are not all going to melt, don’t worry that is a good thing. It adds some chocolate chunks to your final product.

Stick them in the fridge to set up and cool, and there you go. This is an often forgot classic, and one of my favorites, I know coconut isn’t for everyone, but its for me, and I really like it. It has been years since I have had these bars, and adding cashews was just because I has them in the pantry.

What classics do you love, but don’t get made enough?

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